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Bowls, Bunnies, and Bullies

My rabbit, the house kind that just hops around all the time and doesn’t even have a cage to call his own, seemingly doesn’t like his food in a bowl.  We put it in a little plastic dish intended for a small animal and he dumps it in a heap then grabs his bowl and throws it across the floor.  I have been known to sweep that food up and put it back into his bowl, only to have him repeat the spilling and throwing again when he wants to eat.  I believe it’s easier to find the tastiest little pieces when it is all spilled out on the floor, and it’s a more natural form of grazing.  It’s the way God created rabbits, to snuffle over the ground and find the tasty bits to munch on.  The confined walls of his bowl only frustrate this behavior because they don’t allow the searching.

This little seemingly insignificant behavior led me to think of my son, my all-spilled-out boy.  That’s what he is….he doesn’t hide much of himself and you can’t really find his “place” in the house because his stuff is everywhere.  He just drops stuff all over as he moves through the house.  If I didn’t insist that he pick up all those things and put them in the proper places we would be searching through all the piles for the pieces that are needed or wanted.   He bares himself naked all through his day-the naked raw emotions of the entire spectrum.  He sprawls and drapes himself where ever he settles.  He is physically, mentally, and emotionally all-spilled-out.  Does he need a container? Probably, but only to help him find what he needs, to label his mental and emotional states, and then move on to the next spilling out.  It’s like the rabbits bowl, he needs that bowl in order to find where his food is placed, because unlike a dog, he really doesn’t do a very good job of finding all the little pieces and eating them.  He could be lying right next to a favorite piece of food and not really even notice unless he happened upon it by chance or it was pointed out to him, so putting it all back in his bowl brings the important things together so he knows where to find them, and so he can spill them out again.  And so it goes with the all-spilled-out boy.  He needs order and structure to bring the things together that he needs so that he can spill out again.  It’s a dance. A beautiful life-affirming necessary and sometimes frustrating dance. Continue reading

Personal Mission Statements, why?

Awhile back I actually read for the first time, cause I’m a little behind the times, Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It was a rather enjoyable read.  I got quite a bit out of it.  I have read many other books on organizing your life, your family, how to have a good family etc.  and they all point out the need for a personal mission statement.

I wasn’t sold.

I mean, I never have worked anywhere that referred to their mission statement as a guiding principle, it was just something that was required to be written and came out of what was already being done at that particular place of work.  What was the point really? To let the customers, or OTHER people know what you already did?  And who out in the world really cares?  Especially regarding a family or personal mission statement!

I Am however a sucker for online tools that spit out answers after you fill in certain fields..and guess what?  Covey has one of those!  So, I thought it might be fun!  and off I went after I had finished the book.

I filled out a bunch of questions…..and in the end it spit out a rough draft of a personal mission statement to my email address.  You can view it here.

Well, I still wasn’t sold.  It was fun, and it had me thinking about questions about my goals and life that I hadn’t really thought about, but it told me some things that I had actually said that I thought just weren’t true or realistic.  It put statements in front of the answers to questions I had answered and I didn’t agree with the finished product, so I thought, eh, it was a good start, but I”m going to have to do A LOT of tweaking…and again, what was the point? So, it sits in my inbox.

Then…. Continue reading

New Beginnings

A new adventure awaits and I hope you will join me in seeing how it all turns out.

baby robins in nest

I am excited and nervous about this new beginning as a blogger.

Looking forward with anticipation to the new world ahead and to sharing my little slice of the world with you.

A little anxious to jump out of my “nest” and to stretch my wings and learn to fly.

It’s difficult to try new things and learn new things….which is what we ask our children to do frequently.  I forgot how difficult that can be.  Stepping out of my own comfort zone helps me to remember what they must struggle with often, still being relatively new in this world to which I have become much more accustomed as an adult.

I love how, when we stop to think, we are given new chances to remember what childhood was like and how it was a struggle in ways that we often forget.  The ability to see that, and to use it to understand our children is a gift.  A gift of gentleness and understanding.  A gift of love and patience.

As I begin this new story I am thankful for the chance to remember what it feels like to step outside of the usual routine, to learn new things, and try new things.  I am thankful for those who have blazed the trail on which I am about to embark.