New Beginnings

A new adventure awaits and I hope you will join me in seeing how it all turns out.

baby robins in nest

I am excited and nervous about this new beginning as a blogger.

Looking forward with anticipation to the new world ahead and to sharing my little slice of the world with you.

A little anxious to jump out of my “nest” and to stretch my wings and learn to fly.

It’s difficult to try new things and learn new things….which is what we ask our children to do frequently.  I forgot how difficult that can be.  Stepping out of my own comfort zone helps me to remember what they must struggle with often, still being relatively new in this world to which I have become much more accustomed as an adult.

I love how, when we stop to think, we are given new chances to remember what childhood was like and how it was a struggle in ways that we often forget.  The ability to see that, and to use it to understand our children is a gift.  A gift of gentleness and understanding.  A gift of love and patience.

As I begin this new story I am thankful for the chance to remember what it feels like to step outside of the usual routine, to learn new things, and try new things.  I am thankful for those who have blazed the trail on which I am about to embark.


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