Change is in the air

Saturday we were preparing for a family to come over and spend some time with ours.  We have children sprinkled in between each other and they all get along quite well.  A big boisterous bunch of kids (I would have said boys to keep the alliteration going, but she has a couple of girls to throw in the mix-who are just as boisterous and fun), running, playing, jumping…they are like a big pile of puppies so excited to get together and play they are just a mob falling and rolling and laughing.  It truly is amazing to see.  The unbridled joy and seeing each other and anticipating all the fun they can have.  Even the preteens are young again, and can let go of that big girl/boy air about them and just wallow in the fun and joy of friendship.  Needless to say, we were all looking forward to the night.

There had been some miscommunication between us moms though.  It turned out she came alone with the kids intending to babysit while hubby and I went on a date.  We weren’t prepared for that, but decided to rejoice in her generosity and head out together for some alone time.  We had already eaten dinner, and there weren’t any movies playing that we wanted to see so we used our old standby-bookstore with a coffee shop inside!!  Yes!!  One of our favorite places.  The name on the door doesn’t matter as long as there are books to browse, wifi to utilize, and coffee to consume.

We searched through the discounted books. My husband found a couple of books and I had an armful.  He ambled with his full-to-bursting laptop bag filled two laptops and other necessities and his couple of books to find us a table.  I continued wandering and searching.  I found the education section and picked up another two or three books.

Time to find the table myself because my arms couldn’t hold any more and I am not a trained juggler so I needed to unload before my precarious piling ended up on the floor.  I am the type to pick up several different versions of similar books and then sit down and peruse them to determine if they are something I want to buy.  Well, I sat down and began this process.  Most of the books went back. I kept the two from the education section.  The others were all on the same topic, but now I knew why there were in the discount book section.  They just weren’t right…not enough meat to chew on, more like a taste that is cut from the wrong spot, like the middle of the brownie pan when you were truly looking forward to that crispy chewy edge.

So, I sought out the actual area in the store that would hold books of that sort.  I just plopped down on the floor and started my perusing there since I was pretty much alone in that section and it was only one shelf long, and near the floor..very convenient I might say.  after spending what felt like an eternity there, I found what I was looking for.  Grabbed a book, a deck of cards, and a dvd to round it out.

Came back to the table and this is what I found….Change and the road map to help me make the transition!!  Great big, “I’m never gonna do that” kind of change.  Well, maybe not great and big, but for me it is-especially in the long run.  And Yes, I have said I was never going to do either one of these again!!


Yoga and Homeschooling!!  Very different topics, but new roads and both things I had scratched off my list.

I know the arguments for and against both….I have prayed and I have been led.  And that’s where I’m going.

I have tried yoga recently at a studio for about two months.  I love it, but with summer coming, and homeschooling and the continued cost I just couldn’t see how a studio was going to integrate into my life.  Oh, I could squeeze it in and I could jam it into my schedule, but I have tried doing that in the past and it just didn’t work.  I get frazzled and frantic and cry and yell…not pretty in the least.  The resources I found look like they will help me to define a great at home yoga practice. :)   Looking forward to it.

And Homeschooling.  I have been on that road a couple of times before and the last time I said “never again”.  Well, the Lord works in ways I will never understand, because here I am going down that path and actually excited about it once again.  The last time was not ideal.  Not externally or internally.  Circumstances have changed and I have changed so it’s time again.  All 5 of the youngest boys will be coming home for school in the fall.

I had heard about The Well Trained Mind for about 9 years now and have never picked it up….so very glad I did!!  What an amazing book!!  I am absorbed by it.  I want to sit and read, highlight, take notes, and go get curriculum, and start teaching RIGHT NOW!!  Oh, wait, I’m not quite ready.  Glad I have the summer to get my plan together.  But I’m So Excited!! :)   I feel just like that pile of puppy-kids who came over to play on Saturday…joyfully anticipating something fun!


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