Weekends are for India, Vikings, guns, and picaken!

This weekend was just as full as the last one I do believe, but in good ways.

We went to the World Fair fundraiser for the local school district.  The elementary school transformed several of their rooms into experiences from different countries.  The kids enjoy going and seeing how the rooms transform.  They like to see their teachers and their friends, and to do any fun hands-on activities.   There is  food to sample from the different countries (this was mom and dad’s favorite part), usually some artifacts of some type, sometimes a demonstration and almost always a craft.  My boys like crafts, but prefer those with a purpose or when they are in the right frame of mind (read bored, and feeling creative).

One room was India and a young woman gave an absolutely beautiful dance demonstration.

the boys had fun at the Iceland room standing behind the cardboard Viking (rather historically inaccurate, but fun nonetheless).

It was also nice weather so they went outside and did some shooting with dad in the back yard.

While reading through my blog subscriptions I happened on this post, which led me to this post, which led me here. To Picaken!!  yum!! Since I happened to have the ingredients on hand…I made one!  So Delicious.

A pie baked in a cake!  Genius!  I would recommend them to everyone!!  Experiment with different flavors.  Have fun!  We didn’t finish it, so it’s wrapped up and put in the freezer until next Sunday!  I’m already looking forward to it.


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  • Kathy Medich says:

    Hey! Can I come over next Sunday? No special reason…picaken…it would just be ….picaken….really good to see picaken, er I mean you!! Of course you, SILLY!

  • EclecticKathy says:

    Another wonderful read..I do enjoy these very picaken…I mean much! ;)

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