Weekends are for Parties and Projects

We had a wonderful opportunity on Saturday to celebrate a first birthday with our nephew/cousin.

We don’t see them often enough and it was so nice to connect and celebrate.

baby with party hat onbaby with cake mess

Celebrating one year!!  What a cutie!  He enjoyed his day very much.

His older sisters also had a great time playing with their cousins.

girl in party clothes

 Then there was the camera showdown with uncle….


We really did have a great time….

And then on Sunday we had 5 school projects to work on…marathon afternoon and evening of school projects.  Wow.

Two were the same-having twins in the same classroom does help at times.

They had to do “About Me” posters.

 This one had to do a “Me now” compared with “Parent then” page.

He thought the project was more important than his darling little face.


Another had to do a power point about whales and noisy ship engines.  That one took a very long time. computer


The fifth one is working on a  Hero Story and his isn’t due til the end of the month.  I will post that one when it’s done.


What a very busy weekend with several hours of driving, church, and community expo all thrown into the mix.

It was a blessing to be together even if at times the air did get a little tense with that many projects going on at once.


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