First Steps in God-Sized Dreaming!


Trust and Joy!

I first thought of this post simply in terms of a checklist. Steps that I have taken in the past week.

But then I reread my first post and it hit me square in the head-Trust and joy.  I was avoiding those words.

Those words….

Those are the biggest part of my God-sized dream-truly they are.

Yes, I have done things this week that get me closer to checking things off of the lists on the pages of that cute journal. Yes, I have made progress that I am happy about.  Yes, I am feeling the effects of my re-commitment to the areas in my life that God first led me to.

But I need to remember I am NOT IN CHARGE of the list.  I must TRUST that He will lead and guide me.  I can feel Him.   I can feel a tug here, a pull there, a whisper of an idea here that just keeps nudging me.  Am I listening to those? Am I following those? Am I trusting that this is the right course and He will lead me to JOY?

So, steps lead to trust and joy in this dream?

I resolved to pray with my kids instead of yell at them.  I tried. Once. The prayer was sort of yelled. And really wasn’t all that kind. Not even sure that can be called a prayer with those characteristics.   I CAN say that it is a step in the right direction though.  It put a hiccup in the usual way of reacting.  It is a step and the next one will be better!  I trust that He will help me to move even closer toward true kindness and prayer.

557I found a 1/2 marathon and printed out a schedule for running.  I haven’t signed up yet and the schedule starts tomorrow.  I have been on this road before and didn’t quite make it.  There are immediate obstacles, but I am still trying to trust in this one.

I have been praying more.  I can feel a change in my interior life. Trusting that He hears.


I have given of myself more. Simply by listening.  Listening is hard work.  Keeping your attention on someone? it. takes. work.  Real work.  I am working those muscles and it feels good.  Trusting that what I hear from others is more important than what I think I need to say.057

So, there are some steps and there is some trust…but where is the joy?

I am finding that joy comes in the trusting. Knowing that I don’t have to have all the answers or direct all the events of a life. There is joy in that.

Joy comes in the tiny moment. Joy comes in the smallest little detail and the looking from a different way.  Joy comes in the unexpected. Joy is there…you just have to look.  Joy is in the sight of the man holding the almost teen wracked in sobs. Joy comes in the smile of the little one. Joy comes in the “love you” from the biggest one typed across the screen of a computer. Joy comes in the delight of the middle when he catches a little joke between the two of you. Joy comes in the man fighting the dragons that want to consume the peace in the house. Joy comes in the knowing that God is in charge and that He has given us each of these small moments to treasure. Joy comes in planning WITH God. Joy comes in accomplishing that which He has placed before you. When you aren’t slave to the list and allow it to unfold as He guides your day. Joy even comes in the sadness and the heartache of loss.  Joy is still there, with Him.  But you won’t see it if you don’t look. And you MUST look with TRUST to see the JOY in the pain and in the hard.


You must keep looking.  It won’t come if you are focused on the list as a task master.  It won’t come if you don’t keep your eye on Him!

Allow yourself to trust and to seek joy.

Allow and seek.  Good first steps.

God-Sized Dreams




7 Responses to First Steps in God-Sized Dreaming!

  • Maggie says:

    This really touched me. Especially your thought: I am NOT in charge of this list! Last week when we began I remember thinking about that, I have to make sure these things I pursue are what He wants. And it’s okay to change when he tells us to!
    I also loved the thought of praying when you feel like yelling. I’ll have to try. I bet that over time, just gathering together for a prayer when things are going crazy will be the little movement that helps calm you down!

    • Heather says:

      Maggie, Knowing that God’s words spoken through me blessed you is such a blessing to me! I agree that just the act of gathering to pray is a first step and the prayer will become more sincere the more we practice and see the fruits! And yes, continued prayer to make adjustments on this journey is a must. I have experienced that in the past in big ways. I am certain He called me to be a part of a particular group of people working toward prayer and community and I was there for a few years, but then I clearly heard His call that my time there was over and I was to take what I learned and move on. That was a hard thing, to stop doing something He had called me to do. To realize that He wanted me to move on to something different. Lots of prayer and discernment, continually in all things.

  • Mandy says:

    Don’t be fooled, my awesome friend. What you have here are leaps forward in your dream. It’s already changing you from the inside out. You are allowing God to order and shape your thinking and understanding and intentionally altering behavior. That’s big stuff! Way to go:)

    • Heather says:

      Thank you, Mandy. You are a big part of this new move! Thank you always for your encouragement! Your words and your heart are a blessing to me in so many ways!

  • jennifer says:

    Beautiful! My special word this year is TRUST! never thought of the joy part until now..but Trust is making it easier to be less unhappy which is the opposite of joy right?!? I am gleaning a lot from your posts and I reread them sometimes when I am struggling to feel connected to people that may or may not be like me…so for that thank you!! I am learning to pray a lot more before I react which is also in high pitched fits of screeches..but one thing you are encouraging me to work on…is to look for the joy and focus on more a debbie downer but a joyful Jenn I will be!

    • Heather says:

      Oh, Jenn! I love this! I love how God is speaking right to your heart! It is definitely comforting to know that we are not alone. Thank you for your kind words and for stopping by to share them.

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