God-sized dreaming….

IMAG0341Dreams. We all have them.

Some we forget, some we treasure, some are painful, some we just put away for another time, another day.

They seem so far away, so distant, so….other.

And “God-sized” dreams? Who has time for that?!?!

Well….you do!

Join me as I travel this road and series of posts by Holley Gerth

God-Sized Dreams

My God-sized dream:

Well, wait a minute, what does that mean?

It’s simple. Where is God calling you.

And He’s not actually calling me anywhere other than where I am.

My dream is Huge to me, but rather tiny to the world.

I am using this dream time to recommit…recommit to what He has already been calling me to.003It started here, well, it probably started in my heart, but out in the world this is where it began.  Some colored Sharpies and a really cute Journal.  Truly now, who could resist this!!  Not this stationery loving girl!

Lot’s of prayer and talking with my dear sweet husband led to “stuff” getting put on paper….


Well, that’s a start anyway….then,


A page for every area that I wanted to recommit to in this bright shiny new year and some fun colorful mindmapping!!

So, I have areas that I want to recommit to.  Areas like: God, Family, Connections, Creativity, …

Now what?


Now It becomes bite-sized pieces each month.  Here’s my page for January. I use that to make small daily lists tasks to move me toward reaching these goals.

One of the best parts about this is the fun journal and the colorful markers. Did I happen to mention them?

It’s best to make changes in ways that excite and energize you, and if that’s fun paper and markers, then so be it!

And did you happen to notice inside the front cover?

That word?

I’m striving to infuse this whole dream time with That Word.  I miss that word.  I am actually a bit scared to dream joyfully.  Won’t I miss something if everything isn’t perfectly in place and accomplished on time?  Won’t I be doing it wrong? I really need to embrace this word!  Of course the underlying truth behind joy is trust.  Yes, I have to trust God in this and I have to trust the people He has placed in my life.  That too scares me.  So, with excitement about colored markers and a cute journal, I timidly reach forward with trust and embrace joy!

Definitely going to need help with this one.  Good thing He’s got my back.  After all, He gave me the dream in the first place.

So, what’s your God-sized Dream?

God-Sized Dreams

10 Responses to God-sized dreaming….

  • Mandy says:

    You did it! You’re dreaming! OK, the journal and Sharpies are so cute and fun. I’m a sucker for both:) I love that idea of embracing the fun.

    • Heather says:

      “Embracing the fun” Great words!! Think I need to make something with those words on them so that I can see it every day as a reminder!

  • Amy Corley says:

    That word JOY popped right out at me! I loved reading about the way you used your journal to map out different areas in your life. In Holley’s ebook she exhorts us to start small, and you talk about “bite-sized pieces each month”, which is such a great way to begin. I am so glad you were the link before mine this morning because I needed to be reminded of the link between trust and joy. Trusting Him along with you, my friend, and looking forward to a joy-filled, 2013!

    • Heather says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. I am truly amazed every day how He plants things in just such a way as to bless us and those around us! Joy found in the trusting!!

  • Amy Corley says:

    Embrace the fun!! We need a printable of that, don’t we :) . This whole dreaming thing should definitely be FUN!!

  • Jenn Hand says:

    love it.. love the journal.. the sharpies.. and the idea!

  • Jenn says:

    I’m buying a journal and sharpies! I used to do this all the time before kids!!! I used to pour out my heart on paper…not sure where it all goes now, but you have spoken to me!! Time to start dreaming again! Thanks a bunch!

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