Sometimes crying makes you softer.

Those things that make you hard.

Hurtful comments.

the ones that just immediately pull a response right up from your gut.  They physically hurt..right there.  And in your chest.

You know they need a response.  The response you want to give right now is hard and sharp!

It’s like sharp shards of obsidian. All black and glossy and with jagged, broken, edges.


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There are screams and yells in your chest that are stay in or jump out. Hard to tell.

There are bad words in your mouth that taste stale and raw at the same time.

There is just sharp hard pain and an immediate response that is to cause more sharp hard pain.  Maybe if I hurt someone else this feeling, this struggle and this taste will leave me!

That has never been the case in the past…so I push through.  Hold on.


in the breathing the pain lessens.


in the breathing the struggle releases.


in the breathing the taste changes.


in the breathing the tears begin to flow and the jagged edges soften.

Each breath is a prayer, each tear is a sigh toward heaven.

This breathing, these tears bring a loving response, to myself and to the one who spoke the hurt.

Maybe that broken, jagged obsidian shard was lodged in their heart when they spoke.

Prayers for the breath and tears to soften them.


We have all been hurt by another of our fellow women who walk this planet together, and we have all hurt others.  This is nothing new, and it will happen again.  But I think there is a reason and a purpose for our crying.  Sometimes it makes you softer.  Is that why we like our “chick flicks”.  Do they soften us toward one another because the act of crying softens us?



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  • Mandy says:

    You are going to love “Unglued” :) It takes a mature, wise, Spirit-filled woman to breathe out the pain and release the tears. So grateful for the gift of you!

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