Weekends are for animals and rosaries

Our weekend was filled with animals…live, stuffed, and used to be alive.  Starting with the live one….he somehow injured himself and has been quite crippled and just not himself.  We still aren’t sure if he is going to pull through this, but he is more active now, so we are hopeful.  He has spent a lot of time sleeping.  Even on my keyboard.  He did something to my firefox browser and made it unusable.  Oh well, at least there are other options until I decide to really figure out what he did.


Sleepy boy.


Lots and lots of napping


The stuffed animals feasted on popcorn.


Then came the “used to be alive” animals.  Good thing too, because I wouldn’t want to get in the middle of this staring game.



There were a few live animals in the water…large yummy looking fish



Lot’s of love in this photo.


Where there are boys….there is boy food.  Baked beans and cheddar bratwurst.



We have instituted a new system for pay jobs around the house.  Each job is on a small card in a sheet protector. As the kids want to do the extra job they grab a card, do the chore, bring the card to a parent who checks the job and then immediately pays them for satisfactory completion.  These are the jobs that just make my life easier.  Some things are non-negotiable and non-pay chores.  Everyone must clean up after themselves and take care of their own belongings and messes….no pay for that. :)


Our Lady of Fatima came for a two week visit and was greeted by our family and a couple of other families as well.  We all prayed together and she will remain in our home for a couple of weeks as a reminder to pray together as a family until we all congregate at another home for her to visit.  Beautiful statue.




Prayer with friends and then mass followed by a rousing game of  The Great Dalmuti with the kids (Need to get some hats to play this properly) was a perfect way to end the weekend.

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4 Responses to Weekends are for animals and rosaries

  • Jennifer says:

    I don’t know where to begin!! Glad to hear Purzel is doing better…you scared me with that opening line of “things that used to be alive..” now where was that polar bear? Amazing! And How neat the Lady of Fatima!! Precious!! Also that game looked like fun! All in all looks like a blessed weekend!

    • Heather says:

      It was a very blessed weekend! :) The bears and “used to be alive” animals are at Cabella’s in Dundee. Fun place to visit and wander around with the family.

  • Mandy says:

    That statue is beautiful:) It’s fun seeing your family outings and your home routines, too.

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