When Your Compass Just Spins

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Do you ever stop and question the road your on?

the choice you made?

the steps you took?

When you look for direction and instead of pointing N the needle just spins and you can’t find the right road, what do you do?

I have been overloaded and paralyzed and unsure of the right direction. One moment, I can be sure of a direction and start marching off into the sunset with the beauty of a pastel skyleading the way.  Peaceful and content and certain.  Then the sun goes down, and I wander in the dark.  Still heading in the direction in which I started.

The sunIMAG0211 comes up and I don’t recognize where I am.  I check my compass and there it is…a spinning needle.  I am lost and don’t know which way to go.

Here is where my faith is tested and I become even more unsure than if I had never set off toward that beckoning sunset.  My compass…my internal “feelings”, my family and friends with whom I consult-just spinning.  All pointing in different directions.  No clear answer about where to go.

I know that it is never a good idea to make any changes or decisions when you are in a place of inner (or outer) turmoil.  I know that God has a plan. I just don’t know what it is.  So, I am trying to be patient and not make any decisions until after things settle.  There are events and things to be done outside of my dream this coming week.  A couple of gatherings, some other appointments, and I recognize that I need to clear these things off my plate and off my mind before I can really put my energy toward fixing my compass on Him.

I’m trying hard to be still and know that He is God.  I am trying hard to not panic and search and question.  I am working on growing those muscles of patience and of listening.  And especially that one word that is part of my new year:


I will trust that as I am patient and alert and work my way through the next busy week things will become more clear and the path will be illuminated.  My compass will stop spinning.

The hardest thing is to just wait.  To wait, consult, and not make any decisions.  My first urge is to decide, to solve, to move.  Being still is not my strength. Being still is just what I have to do when the way is unclear.

What do you do when you thought you were moving in a specific direction and all of a sudden you don’t know if that direction is right any more?
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4 Responses to When Your Compass Just Spins

  • Jennifer says:

    What do I do? Hmmm I question my motives and pray for dIscernment and hope I am able to hear and/or see what God intends…it is usually not until months later I have an aha moment and realize He was truly in control I just had to TRUST!

    • Heather says:

      Oh, I hear ya! Loud and clear! :) I just have to fight the urge to push for answers of my own volition and in my own time…so hard to wait and wait….but so very wonderful when you are rewarded with clear answers in His time.

  • Mandy says:

    I love that you gravitate toward the best option: abiding. So hard, but so good:) Love you bunches!

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