Monthly Archives: March 2013

weekends are for estate sales, adventures and mud.

Thursday afternoon isn’t technically the weekend, but our 11 year old finished up his first session of Ninjutsu and enjoyed it very much.




Friday night Dear Husband and I went to the Bonstelle Theatre in Detroit to see our oldest dance in the annual spring concert.  We had to leave early because out youngest was ill at home.

We found a couple of estate sales on Saturday after determining that youngest was feeling well enough and we set out on a very muddy adventure.

We can home with some fun finds.

Some useful kitchen knives as well as other silverware because we tend to run out before they all get cleaned.



a spice rack that needed some serious cleaning.  Here are the bright shiny bottles ready to be filled up.



A meat slicer that really brings back some not so pleasant memories of slicing lots and lots of meat in the cafeteria of my dorm at MSU.


A meat grinder.  Doesn’t everyone need one of those?  :)



Our herbs finally germinated.  Basil and Cilantro.




Before we left on Saturday freshly belted Ninjutsu boy managed to wrestle with some barbed wire and got a nice cut on his scalp which resulted in a tetanus shot on Monday. It’s about 3.5 inches long, but not deep at all.



On Sunday we decided to make a trip to the new Cabella’s Outpost store and to check it out.  On the way home, driving 70 miles per hour on the freeway our youngest cut himself on a multi-tool.  Good and deep.  That one required a side-trip to the ER.


So, we waited…and waited.  Realizing that it was going to be awhile, Dad went home with the rest of the boys and I stayed with the little one.


The floor is the best place to be when you don’t feel well.



Even after getting all bandaged up…the floor is still the best option.




This injury did require stitches, unlike the head wound.


Our weekend kind of spilled into Monday.  With yummy stuffed shells for dinner.  This was an experiment that turned out well.


This was before baking, I didn’t get any after baking photos because we were all too hungry to stop for a photo.  They turned out very yummy.  No cheese, just ground beef and brussels sprouts.  Topped with pasta sauce.



And finally to round out the weekend the boys just couldn’t resist the call of the wild just once more.  That hole they dug in the backyard becomes the most awesome mud pit when it rains.







Today, they will be spending a bit of time rinsing out their clothing so that it can safely be put into the washing machine.

Quite an adventure this weekend. I’m ready for some quieter days myself.







Weekends are for bread, brakes, broccoli

I honestly didn’t take many pictures this weekend.  We were so busy a didn’t even think to take photos.

We started with our oldest helping the Boy Scouts set up for the Community Expo that was held over the weekend.  He and dad got home well after the rest of us were in bed.

Saturday morning we finally made a trip to get groceries…yes, the whole family, three stores, much shopping and food buying!!  We were tired, but happy to have some food in the house again.

Prior to that I spent some time making the best of what we had in the house…flour….



A couple of loaves of white bread and a couple loaves of cinnamon bread.  Yum!






I also had some popcorn and some sugar, so….



Several bowls of candied/caramel popcorn were made and eaten!  Also Yum!



See all that shiny, sticky, yummy goodness!


We also had a wonderful visit with a family that arrived shortly after our major shopping trip.  Lots of great conversation was had and lots of wild kids running around, with an unexpected visit from our oldest and a couple of his friends thrown in the middle of the chaos.  Hence…still no photos.

Sunday was Children’s Choir Sunday again.  Four of the boys shared their voices with our congregation at noon.  Then run home for a bit and off to the next family rosary at another friend’s home.

In the meantime the brakes failed on the van on our way home from the monster shopping trip and those were fixed on Monday. :)

But..I did take photos of a beautiful sign of spring as it has burst forth a week early that expected in our hanging window garden!!



See that itty bitty little seed sprout under my misspelled label?



more little baby broccoli poking their heads out into the sunshine.



this one is a little baby cabbage.



More baby cabbage.  They are twice that big already today!




And in between running, shopping, and visiting, I worked on planning our new adventure in gardening!  Got to get these boys bellies filled somehow, and keep them busy and out of trouble in the meantime.  Yes, they will be gardeners this year!




Hope you were able to enjoy some of the beautiful sunshine this weekend!