Personal Mission Statements, why?

Awhile back I actually read for the first time, cause I’m a little behind the times, Stephen Covey’s, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  It was a rather enjoyable read.  I got quite a bit out of it.  I have read many other books on organizing your life, your family, how to have a good family etc.  and they all point out the need for a personal mission statement.

I wasn’t sold.

I mean, I never have worked anywhere that referred to their mission statement as a guiding principle, it was just something that was required to be written and came out of what was already being done at that particular place of work.  What was the point really? To let the customers, or OTHER people know what you already did?  And who out in the world really cares?  Especially regarding a family or personal mission statement!

I Am however a sucker for online tools that spit out answers after you fill in certain fields..and guess what?  Covey has one of those!  So, I thought it might be fun!  and off I went after I had finished the book.

I filled out a bunch of questions…..and in the end it spit out a rough draft of a personal mission statement to my email address.  You can view it here.

Well, I still wasn’t sold.  It was fun, and it had me thinking about questions about my goals and life that I hadn’t really thought about, but it told me some things that I had actually said that I thought just weren’t true or realistic.  It put statements in front of the answers to questions I had answered and I didn’t agree with the finished product, so I thought, eh, it was a good start, but I”m going to have to do A LOT of tweaking…and again, what was the point? So, it sits in my inbox.

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